New Philips Gadget goLITE BLU Energizes You

Philips goLITE BLU “Light-deprived” in winter, we often experience emotional imbalance. Philips Company created a new device goLITE BLU which will help us feel upbeat even in the dark season. Drowsiness, slow reactions, excess weight, sleep problems result from the shortened daylight hours. Now, new Philips device can prevent these problems. The function of goLITE BLU is to provide light therapy. The device emits blue light waves making you feel good.

According to Dan Adams from the Philips engineering group, blue light stimulates our biological clock the same way as watching the blue sky in summer.

Trials show that improvement is noticed as early as after a few days of use. And you can do this kind of light therapy as little as 15-20 minutes per day. Gentle, easy on the eyes light has no negative after-effects which are usual for the most of traditional phototherapeutic methods. The latter often causes headaches and smarting eyes.

The wide realm of blue light will allow you not to interrupt your daily routine. You can watch TV, read a book or work at the computer while your body accumulates the necessary energy.

The retail price of the new device is $279.

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