Post-Marital Depression

Sad BridePost-marital depression has been finally put on the list of depressions. Psychologists raise concerns about growing number of brides who are suffering from so called “post-nuptial depression” caused by disillusionment with family life. According to experts, the sense of disappointment that comes after supposedly happiest day in life is quite common among contemporary brides. About 10% of newly married women ask psychologists to help fight their depression.

According to American psychologist Michelle Gannon, more couples are going to family consultants or psychologists right after wedding to do something about rapidly growing number of fights. One explanation for post-marital depression, as Gannon believes, might be a decrease in production of the hormone responsible for the sense of attachment.

According to Californian scientists, the key problem of most newlyweds is a lack of communication. Men are traditionally more reserved and women are too shy to start family life with talking about problems.

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