A New Japanese Gadget Rids Your Shoes of Odors

The Japanese Panasonic company has presented MS-DS100 – a new electronic deodorant, created specifically for shoes. It produces special hydroxyl nanoe X radicals, successfully destroying the isovaleric acid. This acid is secreted by sweat bacteria and is responsible for the nasty smell of feet.

Nanoe X contains particles that are 5-20 nanometers in size. They easily penetrate into the fabric of any footwear and quickly remove the causes of odors. They are assisted by six outputs in different directions, located on the body of the gadget. They direct nanoe X particles to the most inaccessible areas of shoes.

MS-DS100 functions due to a built-in network or a built-in battery. There are two modes. The first one eliminates smells in 5 hours and is suitable for everyday deodorizing. The second one fulfills its functions in 7 hours and removes the most stable and complex smells.

The electronic shoe deodorant Panasonic MS-DS100 is expected to be sold in Japan from September 20. It is still unknown how much it will cost and when it will enter the world market.

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