Kittenfishing Is The New Trend of Online Dating

What is the main disappointment most people expect to meet on the Internet? We will tell you now.

We will not keep you in the dark for long, and we will reveal the cards right away – it is a trend when a person pretends to be much better online than he or she really is in reality.

Of course, any normal person tries to show their best sides when getting acquainted, it’s quite natural. Another question is that it’s very easy to overdo it on the Internet. Women change their faces beyond recognition in Photoshop, or simply publish photos from the best angles in better lighting.

Men have also excelled in kittenfishing: although they are not so skilled in photoshop, the descriptions in their profile are no worse than those of professional storytellers. Therefore, a person with a pretty photo signed “involved in restaurant business” may well turn out to be an ordinary waiter.

According to the statistics of a popular American dating application, 38% of men admitted that they fell victim to kittenfishing, and only 24% of women found themselves in a similar situation. That is, women are more successful in this, but nevertheless, you should keep in mind that you can be deceived when dating online anyway.

The main tools of kittenfishing

Many people embellish themselves unconsciously, believing the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you do not create a beautiful and interesting profile, you will not receive an invitation to a date. However, it’s one thing to show your best sides, and it’s quite another to present something that you do not possess.

There are people who deceive consciously because they know: there is not much they can offer a potential partner, so they can not do without embellishment.

Therefore, various tricks are used in the course. They upload decade-old photos, in which they look 15 kg slimmer. They indicate professions that they are not related to, or are very distantly related to. They take photos of themselves in chic interiors of other people’s apartments or against the backdrop of cool cars that are not theirs, or with giant bouquets of flowers taken for rent. They write that they adore the classics, although the last thing they managed to read is the conditions of the special offer for goods in a supermarket.

Any means are good to emphasize your “status”, “success”, “beauty” and “intellect.”

Why people do this?

Kittenfishing is a simple and effective manipulation. However, it is only one-time. Yes, you will be the winner when you go on a date. However, there is no long-term perspective: relationships that started with deception, will end quickly, too.

Yes, most likely, this method is used by people who are not self-confident. Embellishing themselves and their dignity, they hope for success. Only it would be more logical to direct these efforts to get a better education, to do fitness, to learn, to find a more prospective job. However, for this you have to admit that you are not perfect. Few people can do it.

Kittenfishing fans are often dependent on someone else’s opinion. This prevents them from sensibly assessing their potential. Yes, I do not drive a Maybach but I have a reliable Peugeot, a stable salary and an interesting job. Fearing that they will not seem attractive enough in the eyes of potential boyfriends or girlfriends, kittenfishers invent something that they are not. They do not notice that they are good enough the way they are.

How to recognize kittenfishing

Alas, this is not so simple. Some people (both men and women) perfectly master the skill of pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Therefore, the easiest way to make sure of the honesty and sincerity of the new acquaintance is to meet him or her in real life as soon as possible. The manner of communication, appearance, and speech will say much more during the first minutes of conversation than one-year correspondence ever would.

Another problem is that professional deceivers lie no less skilfully in real life. Yes, kittenfishing arose long before the Internet: in fact, it is fraud. Some couples live together for years before they learn that a partner has another family, for example.

In this case, of course, it is better to hope for luck. Trust your intuition, do not engage in self-deception and yet try to see the real person through the veil of infatuation.

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