New Fragrance Smells Like New Apple Gadgets

Apple fans from around the world say that the most exciting moment in their lives is to unpack a new Apple gadget. And this moment has a special smell.

A group of the artists, who called themselves Greatest Hits, decided that the smell of the new Apple products had to go down in history. And so it was created in collaboration with the perfumers from Air Aroma company. It took several months to finish the work.

The fragrance will be shown at the contemporary art exhibition in Australia (Melbourne).

So what is the smell of Apple? The authors of the idea say that the fragrance cannot be confused with anything. This is the scent that everyone feels while unpacking the new product from Apple: the smell of the box, covered with polyethylene, printing ink on cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic, the fragrance of the aluminum laptop that has just been taken from the Chinese transporter, polystyrene, adhesives, and rubber.

The fans of Apple products might be in the ecstasy caused by the new fragrance. But there is another news, not so pleasant. Unfortunately, the new fragrance is still a work of art, rather than consumer goods, and it will be shown only at the exhibition in Melbourne (from April 20 to May 12). Although, who knows, the project may be acknowledged commercially successful. The fans of technology and Apple gadgets will soon be able to buy the new fragrance in bottles…

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