Lulu App Lets Ex-Girlfriends Rate Men

What about checking every man you meet in a special girls’ database of shed boyfriends? Compare notes, see ratings, even photos? Learn some answers to the questions about how it feels to be with him beforehand? All of this just between us girls, male visitors excluded?


Here goes. Lulu has launched an app for this. It runs under both iOS and Android and is designed only for US women, with guys strictly excluded, making it possible for the ladies to discourse freely on relevant subjects like first kiss, sex, or personal traits. The method of turning unwanted men away is simple: when you register, you punch in your Facebook information. Naturally, there are some highly technical ways to probably sidestep this, but Lulu must have secured itself against such a possibility by other sophisticated means.

Anyhow, all those 18 and older enter their Facebook info and can get in, post everything they want to say about their former boyfriends, complete with their photos. All the procedures remain anonymous; Lulu guarantees that no names are revealed, no activities are registered on Facebook Timeline.

As you get down to posting info about the man you know well, you are asked to state the exact nature of your relationship with him, an acquaintance, a hookup or an ex-boyfriend. Then you go through questions of the kind How do you feel when he starts to crack jokes with a wide variety of replies from stopping him harshly to wanting to kiss him. When you have chosen your answers, the app comes up with a summary of the information in a short review like He is bent on getting what he desires, but not ready to commit himself to a serious relationship.

If you think this app gives a splendid opportunity for girls to throw dirt on their exes, the developers aver it is a more complicated affair, actually allowing males to find dates just for being in the database, where, it is given out, many reviews are positive; also, women sometimes use it to recommend their brothers and colleagues.

Isn’t it funny that such an app first appeared for women and not for men?

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