Perfectionists Are Losers

Psychologists have found an interesting feature. It turns out that the girls, who want to make everything perfect, in fact, suffer from being a loser.

Woman in front of a PC

From aside, perfectionists seem to be brilliant and successful. The experts say that the girls, who try to do everything 100% well, happen to be in a vicious circle.

“The complex of an excellent student” begins with the fact that the girl is sure she will be impossible to love until she does everything perfectly well. Then, there begins a grueling marathon of training, career development, torturing with diets and exercises, painful dependence on trends and fashion events.

Yes, there are women among us, who derive pleasure from self-improvement. But they do not tend to be the best in every area and calmly tolerate if they see a potential “competitor” on the horizon. But when the perfectionist-loser comes face to face with the one that it is better (and this happens regularly because that is the usual way of things!), she experiences a personal drama, the collapse of ideals and loss of faith in herself. Getting proofs that she has failed indeed, the miserable perfectionist somehow decides that she does not deserve to be treated well and that nobody likes her. And so the situation is repeated again.

If you have recognized at least some of your features in this description, we recommend you to have mercy for yourself. First of all, do not be so strict about yourself: we doubt that someone sees you under a microscope to find flaws. Secondly, there have always been and there will be people in your life, for whom you are the best, no matter what you do.

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