iPad Charged by the Solar Case


There’s always been something like a contest between the sun and electric power for a better source of energy for our gadgets, and if we are much more used to relying on power, it doesn’t mean the sun cannot put up a good show. It can, and, coupled with the necessity for the conservation of nature, maybe we should heed more devices like this Solar Charging iPad case.

The case is designed to carry a built-in battery and a solar panel working on organic photovoltaic ink, a recently worked out technology that converts any kind of light into electricity. The idea is to keep your iPad constantly charged which makes the case a perfect traveling companion. At worst, should you manage to find a spot which is dark as a pit, you will have about 10 days of functioning without a recharge!

The powerful case is provided with a stainless steel stand with the movie-friendly indentation of 15° angle and a USB port via which you can also recharge your other gadgets – Bluetooth headsets, Smartphones, or MP3 players. There’s a built-in HDMI output allowing an HDTV connection.

The Solar Charging iPad case will be yours for $200; it is compatible with the new iPad as well.