Hana Twin Nose Instead of Rhinoplasty

Due to a whimsical gadget for the nose which resembles a clothespin, rhinoplasty is now available to everyone without any anesthesia and scalpel. It is required to wear this strange device for just 20 minutes a day.


The gadget is called Hana Twin Nose, and it is easy to guess that it has been developed by the Japanese inventors. The price of the gadget is only $50, which is a small portion of the cost of rhinoplasty. Hana Twin Nose is aimed at providing everyone who is interested in the novelty with almost the same effect.


The gadget is designed to make the nose more direct, which is quite in demand in Japan, as people are obsessed with Western standards there. A plastic clothespin is inserted into the nostrils and is gently fixed there, strengthening the balance and gradually shifting the bones and the contours of the nose to make it more pointed and straight. In the Japanese language, the word Hana means ‘nose’. The low cost of the device and the perspective of avoiding a rhinoplasty have made this gadget extremely popular in its homeland. Now it has come to Europe too.

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