Plus Size Women Are Smarter

The correlation between weight, the size of waist and hips in women and their intelligence has been discovered by American researchers. It turns out that plus size ladies are smarter than slim ones.


For a few years, the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, had been testing women for intelligence after pre-weighing them. In total, this experiment involved 16,000 women.

The participants of the study were given the task to pass a few tests on the wit and demonstrate their ability to solve problems in mathematics, chemistry, physics and other sciences. The doctors compared the results of these tests with the weight and the characteristics of the women’s physique.

Summing up, the experts traced a clear pattern. It was found that the best results in intellectual tasks were demonstrated by curvaceous ladies. At each stage of the testing, plus size participants of the experiment scored a little more points than the skinny women. In this case, the experts said that the difference between the waist and hips had a special meaning: the bigger it was in plump ladies, the sharper mind and wit they displayed.

The researchers do not see anything unexpected in the fact that the women with magnificent forms solved intellectual problems better. According to them, plus size women have large amounts of organic acids in their body and therefore possess higher mental faculties. In particular, they have abundant quantities of fatty omega-3 acid. The doctors have long believed that mental abilities may depend on the amount of organic substances in the body. Therefore, the plumper the lady is, the more organic substances her body contains, and the more intelligent she can be.

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