Horrible Bosses Affect Your Immunity

Checking the blood of the people who worked with moody bosses, made scientists re-evaluate the effects of stress at work. It turned out that an intense work environment can trigger genetic changes in the immune system because of which people begin to deal with non-existent diseases.


If you are in constant tension the whole working day, better leave this job. The experts from Ohio State University have found that the need to work under the supervision of a horrible boss and experience constant stress leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and the failure of the immune system.

This conclusion was made after checking the blood of the people who had to work in a stressful environment. Scientists compared human blood with that of laboratory rodents in a state of stress – and in all the samples they found inflamed immune cells.

According to the doctors, the appearance of these cells means that the immune system begins to undergo genetic changes leading to abnormal immune responses. The immune system begins to fight non-existent human diseases, which adversely affects the operation of major internal organs and damages blood vessels. Summing up the results of this work, its leader, Dr. John Sheridan explained that working with moody bosses can seriously affect the health of all the co-workers.

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