Guitar T-Shirt

An air guitar is a popular instrument. It really doesn’t require anything much to give the player full enjoyment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw in a gadget or two to carry it onto another level. If you’re a more committed air guitar performer, here’s a sophisticated T-shirt for you!

T-Shirt Air Guitar

You can use it as a stylish T-shirt with a nice guitar pic on the right place just to show that you’re into music and playing, but actually it’s an interactive piece of clothing that you can make sound at any time.

The AiR Guitar carries a “barcode”-type symbol that in combination with a webcam and an augmented reality app allows you to play while the computer will reproduce the notes you take in the real-time mode.

This T-shirt ready for strumming is the production of FauvelKhan, a design company set up by Swansea Metropolitan students. A South Wales band called The Last Republic is also partly responsible for its creation. While the Last Republic guitarist may be pondering over the possibility of using the musical T-shirt on concerts, it has been appreciated enough to be nominated for a SXSW Accelerator award.

Source of the image: Newslite.

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