Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder by Xiaomi

Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder is a smart feeder for domestic cats and dogs from Xiaomi. Using a mobile application, you can control the time of feeding and the amount of food in a pet bowl.

Inside the gadget, there is a 4-liter container in which 2 kilograms of dry cat or dog food are placed. The device divides all food into 6 equal portions so that the food does not accumulate and spoil. The container for storing food is made of stainless steel. Inside, it is equipped with a drying chamber, so there is no moisture. The top cover has a silicone ring and three locks to prevent air from entering. Xiaomi recommends using the feed in small granules with a diameter of up to 13 mm, otherwise, it will get stuck in the feed channel.

Under the bowl, there is a “smart” weighing module that controls the weight of the feed. The application helps you track how much the animal eats daily. When the feed ends, the user receives a notification, and the LED light on the feeder flashes red continuously.

The case of the gadget is made of ABS plastic, and the cord for charging is endowed with protection against biting and gnawing. Autonomous work is ensured by the presence of a battery. The dimensions of the device are 33.4 × 19.6 × 35.2 cm, and the weight of the product excluding feed is 2.2 kg. New items can be ordered for $28. It will go on sale in late June.

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