EraClean Air Purifier Pro Protects Your Fridge and Home from Smells

The Xiaomi home appliance ecosystem will be replenished with another device that enhances the comfort of a modern home. A compact device under the EraClean brand, called EraClean Air Purifier Pro, has been launched on the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform. Its main task is to eliminate unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, cabinets, or in small rooms.

The EraClean Air Purifier Pro has the size of 152x48x33 mm, weighs 180 grams and has a minimalist design. A standalone gadget is designed to be installed inside a refrigerator in small rooms (dressing rooms and toilets) or in a car. The device generates ozone, eliminates unpleasant odors, and simultaneously destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses.

The autonomous operation of EraClean Air Purifier Pro is provided by a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. The battery life is 60 days. For charging, a USB Type-C connector is used, and control is carried out remotely through the Mi Home application on a smartphone.

Only the Chinese version of the EraClean Air Purifier Pro has been released so far, which costs $23. The device will enter the global market at a later date.

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