A Decorative USB Flash Drive with an MP3 Player

The latest and the coolest Brando gadget is going to kill three birds with one flash drive: alongside with carrying the necessary files with you, you can sport a cute trinket and listen to your favorite music!

USB Jewel Necklace MP3 Player

The drive is a USB jewel suspended on a necklace of sparkling crystals with a built-in MP3 player. The player weighs 56 grams – far less than the smallest cell handset – and is quite comfortable at the size of 26×64×20 mm. It will play all the common audio file formats like MP3, WMA and WAV.

USB MP3 Player

The drive is available in three colors – blue, green and red – and two capacities. A 2GB one goes for $26 and a 4GB for $29.

You will find a mini 5 pin to USB adapter thrown in.

USB Adapter

Source of the images: brando.com.hk.

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