Swimsuit from Miraclesuit Will Hide 10 Pounds in 10 Seconds

According to the producers at the New York based company called Miraclesuit, their swimsuits can make the figure look 10 pounds slimmer in 10 seconds.

Miraclesuit Slimming Swimming Suit

The secret of the swimsuits lies in the style, carefully chosen colors and patterns in coral, orange, and turquoise colors, which make women look slimmer, as well as special material Miratex used in the swimsuits. Miratex is the invention of Miraclesuit; it contains three times more elastane than usual swimsuit material.

Miraclesuit Beige Swimsuit

Moreover, the company plans to release a collection of jeans with the similar effect in the near future.

Miraclesuit Animal Print Swimming Suit

Miraclesuit Black and White Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Black Embeaded Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Black Onepiece Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Black Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Black with White Decoration Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Chocolate Swimming Suit

Miraclesuit Dotted Swimming Suit

Miraclesuit Floral Swimming Suit

Miraclesuit Navy Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Purple Swimming Suit

Miraclesuit Scarlett Swimming Suit

Source of the images: miraclesuit.com.

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