Cute Mocoro Moss Ball Cleans the Flat

What would the best form for a vacuum cleaner be? Do you like the classic mechanic gadget crawling about your room, not to be mistaken for anything else but what it is? Or is it just a habit to be shaken off in future? The Japanese think so. They want even their vacuum cleaners to be cute!

Mocoro Boss Cleaning Ball

The result of the tendency is the Mocoro Moss Ball created by the CCP Japanese home appliance company that looks like a toy left lying about by a careless infant, completely denuded of any practical use – which it certainly isn’t. This eliminator of dust conceals under its fluffily cute exterior a motored inner ball that makes a mop out of the fluff, so as the toy rolls about your place it mops up your floor.

Mocoro Colours

The Mocoro Moss Ball is powered by 3 AAA batteries and does its bit for 15 m

inutes. If you think it will make a nice and helpful Valentine gift for $40, well, it will be around by the 14th in three colors, pink, orange and green, but don’t forget to tell the recipient what it really is!