Arty Cell Phones from Japan

Quaint phone designs have always been a great success with young Japanese, so time and again Japan releases sets with totally unexpected designs. The latest outcrop, done in red and white, is the brainchild of Yayoi Kusama. He employed the idea of a bright dotted background.

Dots Obsession Cell Phone Design

Some phones are decorated with drawings, others resemble sweet cakes. They are mostly funny, yet with an arty touch – Kusama is reported to have involved several artists in the project.

Dots Phone Package

Internally it is the latest gadget with all the necessary features like a 3.1-inch organic display and a built-in 5MP camera; it allows Internet access and web browsing.

Pink Dot Phone

They are said to be costly, but no exact prices have been given out yet.

Dots Obsession Cell Phone

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