Aroma USB: Computers Begin to Use Perfume

The latest gadget with an aromatic treat to it is Aroma USB thumb drive. This clever device doesn’t just exude smells haphazardly everywhere it goes with you – no, it only starts to give you nasal pleasure when you have connected it to an USB port. You are welcome to choose from orange, lavender or lemongrass bouquets. Preloaded fragrance is guaranteed to be good for about a week of incessant use, and the drive is refillable.

Aroma USB

All right, there will always be some fastidious people who would object to the drive not having internal memory. Those who are that picky can go to and see whether they will be able to twist their arms for a device that offers all sorts of satisfaction… But for the ones who appreciate a spot of paradisiacal delights around their computer Aroma USB is the very thing. Enjoy without grumbling.

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