USB Computer Hubs That Will Make Your Life Sweeter

Brando seems to be trying hard to overshoot themselves and come up with the best ideas for USB computer hub designs in 2009. Their next bunch is a very realistic representation of various goodies like strawberry cakes, chocolate truffles, grapes or cherry biscuits.

Chocolate Truffles USB Hub

Now that may be regarded as a sort of subtle cruelty to make you keep a big chocolate truffle near your computer where your eye invariably halts on it, and carry it around taking it out at the moments when you need your attention concentrated on doing your bit… They really ought to have done them in a little less enticing fashion!

Strawberry Cake USB Hub

The tempting USB hubs are made from Polyresin and cost $17. They are plug-and-play, 3-port devices with USB 2.0 interface and 480 Mbps transfer rate.

Cherry Biscuit USB Hub


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