Do you Want a Boy or a Girl?

Boy and GirlIt is the fact that the sex of your unborn baby is determined at the moment of conception and depends on the type of a sperm cell that would fertilize an egg cell. If the X-chromosome sperm reaches the egg, then the baby is a girl. If the Y-chromosome joins the egg, then the baby is a boy.

Can We Choose Child’s Sex?

Since ancient times, people have been curious to find how they could influence the sex of the future baby. Obviously, most of the ways stem from superstitions and prejudices. However, some interesting observations and statistics exist that we can’t turn a blind eye to. So, one cannot state emphatically that the sex of a baby is impossible to predict.

Child’s Sex Statistics

  • Statistics show that the boys are more likely to be the first baby while the girls tend to come with later births.
  • The younger the couple, the more likely they will have a boy, and vice versa.
  • Girls prevail in the offspring of the people suffering from podagra.
  • Bald men have half again as many boys.
  • Babies born in a one year interval are often of the same sex. If the interval is about three years, the babies are most likely to be of the opposite sex.
  • If you get pregnant soon after an abortion, you are more likely to have a girl.
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