Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid High-Fat Food

Yesterday you probably read the article about the myth and truth about nutrition during pregnancy. Here’s one more thing regarding diet pregnant women should know. We all know, that pregnant women should avoid fat food (actually everybody should do it), but do you know, why women are not recommended to consume too much fats during pregnancy? She risks her baby’s health.

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It has been recently discovered, that if the woman eats a diet rich in fats during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the risk of early pubescence of her baby increases. This, in turn, can lead to obesity of the child. Moreover, early menstruation is one of the factors contributing to adolescent depression and developing breast cancer, when the girl becomes older. So, please, go easy on food rich in fat during these periods for your baby’s sake. By the way, this is also recommended, if you want to recover after pregnancy faster.

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