Women Hate Shopping

Perhaps it will surprise men who are forced to bear hours of regular shopping promenades visiting clothing stores together with their girlfriends, but it has recently been discovered by the scientists from the UK that, in fact, almost half of women do not get any pleasure from shopping.

Women during shopping

Moreover, the survey has revealed that approximately 44% of girls have nothing but horror at the thought about having to go through a lot of clothes in search of the suitable things.

At the sane time, the ladies, who have just become mothers, are especially reluctant to go shopping. As acknowledged by 47% of the participants of the survey with children under the age of five, they try to select the clothes both fashionable and fitting that would conceal the flaws as much as possible. In addition, about half of mature women feel certain unease when visiting boutiques, believing that their products are aimed at young people exclusively.

Thus, over a third of the respondents (37%) complain about having some difficulty in finding the clothing that fits their age. In addition, one of the leading authors of the study and a representative of the market research company which supervised the research, Michelle Stratton, claims that another major problem for the majority of female customers is the selection of things to their size. This is due to the fact that many famous brands produce small size clothing which makes bigger ladies feel uncomfortable about their constitution.

Source of the image: Photl.

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