6 Clothing Items from the 80s That Are Trendy Again

The 1990s and 2000s styles are trendy again, but you shouldn’t focus on them alone. Read on about what wardrobe items from a “different past” you should take a closer look at right now. If the return of the controversial noughties did not please you at all, and the style of the 1990-s also does not correspond to your ideas about modern outfits, we have good news. You can often see models inspired by the bright 80s on the catwalks.

The trend is only gaining momentum, and you can get ahead of all fashionistas. We have compiled a list of must-haves that can easily be integrated into the usual urban outfits.

Square shoulder blazers

Many have long abandoned tight-fitting silhouettes in favor of stylish jackets off the male shoulder. The trend remains in demand, but we recommend that you pay attention to the models with square shoulders, which were popular in the 1980-s.

They add a unique zest to any look: even a classic shirt with such a jacket looks in a new way. You can combine it with tops, blouses, loose trousers or even shorts – you are only limited by your imagination.


Overalls have long taken root in our wardrobes, but if you haven’t got a stylish model yet, it’s time to correct the situation. What products are worth looking at? As in the case of jackets, wide shoulders will add an interesting accent. You can try on jeans as well.

The overalls should be loose, not restricting movement, and the cheerful color scheme – orange, green, purple or pink – will be a great option for summer.

You can complete the outfit with Birkenstocks or your favorite sneakers.

Bright shoes

In the 1980s, girls combined bright suits and shoes, creating memorable total looks. Beauties could dress in blue or pink from head to toe. Moreover, one could find shoes with low heels of any color in the wardrobes of fashionistas.

This is a life hack for the future: if you are not ready for too flashy outfits, make bright shoes the main element of the image.

Dresses in pastoral style

This cute trend is perfect for fans of feminine looks. Dresses in pastoral style will make you fragile and tender. Moreover, off-the-shoulder models with a floral print fit perfectly into the must-haves of this summer: combine the dress with ballet flats or sandals. A hat or a basket bag will perfectly fit into the outfit according to your mood.

Colored tights

Of course, the 1980-s cannot be imagined without colored tights. Products from the past are a real riot of colors. If you are ready for fashion experiments, feel free to wear floral print tights.

For those who want to add color, but dress more modestly, models in pastel colors are suitable. It is important not to overdo it and not to overload the outfit. Let the tights repeat the color of the print on the plaid miniskirt or act as the main accent.

Volumetric elastic bands

In the 1980s, elastic bands were considered not just a convenient assistant, but a full-fledged accessory, which was carefully selected to match the outfit. In the girls’ arsenal, there were elastic bands for every taste and color – from bold fuchsia to a small floral ornament.

The accessory was also worn on the wrist, making it possible to quickly collect the hair in a ponytail if necessary, and elastic bands replaced the bracelet. The life hack is easy to use even today: there are many voluminous elastic bands of different colors on the market.

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