Woman with World's Biggest Butt Lives in the USA

Do you feel worried because of a too fat butt? Find out what big butt really means!

Mikel-Ruffinelli, woman with the biggest butt

Mikel Rufinelli, a resident of Los Angeles, is known as the woman with the biggest butt in the world. She is 39 years old, and her hips are 100 inches, or 2.54 meters (almost 100 inches).

How to Live with a Big Butt?

She admits that some daily activities are not easy for her to perform. No car is suitable for her, she can only get somewhere in the truck. When going somewhere by plane, she has to occupy two seats, and some of the doors are too narrow for her. Another thing that Mikel finds difficult is to select clothes. She must have many things sewn for her, even her underwear.

Weight Loss? No Way!

But, despite this, Mikel is quite cheerful and confident. She’s not trying to lose weight by making her butt slimmer. Every time she walks down the street, she draws people’s attention. Some of the passers-by even stop and take pictures of her, and Mikel finds it funny.

What Caused Butt Growth?

The woman admits she has not always been so big, though a lot of women in her family have had stout feminine forms. Her butt became the largest in the world after the birth of the fourth child.

In general, the tendency was observed for the first time when Mikel was 22. At that time she gained 25 kilos after the birth of the first baby. After the birth of each child, her butt became bigger and bigger.

How to Stay Optimistic Despite a Big Butt?

And yet, what is the secret of Mikel’s optimism? She thinks it is her husband Reggie Brook. They have been married for 10 years, and with every year that passes he loves her more and more, inspiring confidence. Mikel’s husband confessed of admiring Mikel’s figure.

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