What Men Like Most in Women

Women around the world are working hard to ensure that the look is mysterious, skin is glowing, and hair is gorgeous. We can not say that all those efforts are pointless. However, there is one very small detail that really attracts men‘s attention. What is it?

Woman, red lips

Scientists from the University of Manchester used special software to study what attracts men’s attention the most. During the study men were meeting women and the software was recording the first ten seconds of those meetings. It even was detecting the area of women’s body to which men paid most attention. On average, they spent almost half of the time gazing at the women’s mouths. They gazed longer at red lips in particular.

The scientists concluded that women made the right choice to use red lipstick for generations now. Indeed, red lips attract men. Women in Ancient Egypt were the first ones to start using products similar to the modern lipstick. Generations later, the trick still works without a hitch.

So, ladies, make a conclusion! If a woman wants the man to keep his eyes on her longer, wants him to want her, she needs to buy a good red lipstick.

Source of the image: Photl.

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