First Date Lies

This revelation will hardly be an astonishing one, but you may as well get your figures right: while two men will forbear from lying in spite of it being their first date with you, the third will surely try to talk big… Bigger than he should.

First date

The results of a poll carried out by and embracing 1,672 blokes show that 32 per cent are not above telling a woman a fib on their first date in order to produce a more favorable impression of herself.

The commonest lies are also fairly predictable.

Lie 1 adding up to 47% relates to jobs; men are tempted to exaggerate the importance of their positions in the companies they are with, and sometimes cook up a profession they have been wanting for themselves.

Lie 2, running to 38%, is about previous relationships. Men are inclined to pretend they had fewer relationship than they actually did.

Lie 3, 25%, is when blokes think up some thrilling hobby for themselves.

Lie 4, 19%, usually comes with the make of the car, an old men’s trick intended to impress.

Lie 5, 12%, is told about their living conditions, when men prefer to make out they are living on their own and not with parents.

Of course quite a number of men feel more uneasy at a first date than they would like to… But is it really worth telling so many lies, some of which are bound to get found out?

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