Silicone Clone Love is Worth up to $18,000

…or has become worth lately. The record setter is a 50-year-old man who dished out that sum of money to order a silicone clone of his ex-girlfriend. One wonders what memories the girl left behind her, but it seems that once she was out of the door the amorous man collected all her photographs and took them to adult toy maker Diego Bortolin.

Silicone clone ex-girlfriend

Those kind of toys are usually worth around $5,000, but the order was to replicate the girl down to the smallest detail (nails and teeth – all true to life), and the bill soared to $18,000. The customer didn’t blink an eyelid.

A part of that extra wad paid for the only detail that was ordered to be made out of proportion – the clone’s breasts will be bigger! None of us is perfect after all.

Source of the image: Gizmodo.