Enhanced Massaging Ability with Vibrating Finger Massage Gloves

Self-massage? Tiring and less efficacious without those wonderful Vibrating Massage Gloves. Easy and penetrating with them. The gloves’ fingertips can vibrate at the speed of up to 18,000 pulses per minute making them 4 times more potent than your old hand massaging gadget.

Vibrating Massage Gloves

You’ll get an excellent deep-reaching treatment that will chase tension from every square inch of your body.

There’s a detachable controller for each glove allowing you to choose either five finger massage all over your body or two finger vibration to relax your eyes.

Vibrating Massage Gloves

The Vibrating Massage Gloves are imitation suede and available in two sizes. You can feed them from the wall outlet or make them run on batteries. These gloves are UK-manufactured, so a plug adapter may be necessary outside the UK.

Source of the image: Craziestgadgets.