British and Italian Men Spend More Money on Cosmetics than Women

Who would have thought that in UK and Italy, men spend more money than women to look beautiful. Research results showed that British men aged 18 to 35 spend an average of 14 euros per week on creams and hair cosmetics, which is 1 euro more than women.

Cosmetic products

In addition, one in every five men in Italy and UK regularly uses a moisturizer, and one in every twenty men uses hair straightener.

The male population of Italy spends more than 250 million euros a year on cosmetic products. According to studies, Italian men spend less time on entertainment and more on caring for their appearance. It should be noted that when choosing cosmetics, men are more likely than women to be guided by recommendations of an expert, for example, a dermatologist, rather than a seller’s advice.

According to the Italian Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, men constitute 40% of spa-salon clients. Besides, men use up to seven products for the face and body, while women – up to ten. How do you feel that your man uses cosmetics?

Source of the image: Photl.