Sex Doesn’t Matter. 5 Couple Compatibility Criteria

Happy CoupleHaving sex with one and the same partner is boring – at least for women. 60% of them claim at the age of 30, that they want sex with their husbands only during the first four years of marriage or living together. At the end of this time this number gradually reduces to 50%. In 20 years there are only 20% of women, who desire intimacy with their husbands. This has been discovered by German scientists.

Men Always Want Sex with the Wives

The researchers have found, that the longer the woman is dating a man, or especially living together with him, the less she strives for regular sex. Regarding men, there hasn’t been found decrease in the interest of sex with the spouse – this has been discovered due to the interviews conducted with 530 men acting as respondents. Almost all of them claim, they are ready for sex with their wives during the whole period of their life together.

Couple Compatibility Criteria

However is only sex the basis of happy marriage? Psychologists of University of London claim, that it’s not the fact. They have found, that the most important thing for both spouses is to have common interests and approach to life, but not regular sex. They have studied the life of almost thousand couples and developed a list of five couple compatibility criteria. It includes the following:

  • the idea about order and cleanliness,
  • musical, literary and television tastes,
  • attitude to pets,
  • gastronomic tastes,
  • attitude to porn.
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