Wearing Sneakers Is Dangerous?

Wearing SneakersSneakers were used to be worn only together with a training suit and only for sports before, but now comfortable, stylish and nice sneakers have become a daily accessory of lots of women. At first glance, there’s nothing bad in it, this is due to some fashion trends or to the desire of women for comfort. But in reality sneakers are fraught with some threat to those, who wear them.

Two Dangers of Wearing Sneakers

The first risk of frequent sneakers wearing is in the fact, that sneakers are often made of rubber. And rubber is a perfect environment for developing various fungal diseases of the foot skin and toenails. The second risk of wearing the comfortable footwear is that their flat sole can gradually cause flat-footedness.

How to Choose and Wear Sneakers Correctly

In order to avoid problems caused by wearing sneakers frequently it’s recommended to pay attention to whether they have vent holes, when choosing them. They also should have a thick and springy sole. It’s also advisable to choose footwear with corrective insole insight. This is going to make those, who often wear sneakers, feel comfortable, but not cause health problems.

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