What Is Pansexuality?

Scientific experts speak about the emergence of another sexual orientation in the world of the 21st century. Experts point out that in recent years the searches about the phenomenon of pansexuality have become increasingly popular on the Internet. This term is used in sexology to refer to human attraction to people, regardless of their biological sex and gender identity.


A pansexual is a man, a woman, a transsexual or an intersexual (a person who has not identified his gender), who is attracted to people of different sexual orientations. In fact, this concept is the same as the term ‘bisexuality’, but pansexuals are somewhat different because they do not care about their partners’ sex and their own sexual identity.

Pansexuals pick up their second half, focusing on the personal qualities of the partner, his/her moral values, emotionality, as well as relying on the feelings that the pansexual has experienced in the course of communication with this individual.

This term was coined in the early 1990-s, but it did not enjoy popularity. Sexologists believe that pansexuality gains importance due to the fact that the new generation is trying to more thoroughly understand the issues of intimacy, treating all the nuances of sexual life with much more attention.