A New Type of Gentleman for Modern Women

A recent study conducted by Austin Reed reflects 3,000 women’s ideas of what kind of behavior will be regarded as “gentlemanly” these days. In a comment to the study it is pointed out that the word “gentleman” does not refer to something obsolete or outdated – on the contrary, “being a gentleman is as applicable for our society today as it was in history.”


But it’s up to women to tell just what actions, manners and behavior are to be held as the epitome of consideration, and those do differ with the passing of time.

Hardly any woman nowadays will attach importance to the way a man asks her to dance or in what words he voices his proposal, although there was a time when those things were the brand mark of a true gentleman.

The old-fashioned gentleman, on the other hand, will find it extremely odd if he is told that it is incumbent upon him to take the rubbish out or upload the lady’s favorite music to her iPod… So what other changes has our sophisticated and technology-laden age brought on?

For one, it’s not so important to pay for your woman’s dinner than to take care of her when she has a hangover.

Also ladies expect consideration to be shown when they are intent on watching their favorite soaps… TV is one of those things that help distinguish between a true gentleman and one who is not worthy of the title.

So the findings of the study present an interest that has a high practical value!


  1. Spreading your cloak over a puddle
  2. Opening and closing doors
  3. Paying for woman’s dinner
  4. Walking closer to the roadway
  5. Moving out woman’s chair
  6. Asking for the woman’s hand when proposing
  7. Asking for a dance properly
  8. Carrying the woman’s bag
  9. Asking politely for a first date


  1. Walking the woman home
  2. Taking care of the woman in illness or hangover
  3. Taking the garbage bin out
  4. Being able to cook something for a holiday
  5. Staying cool at the mention of PMT
  6. Serving morning tea or coffee in bed
  7. Seeing to it that the woman has her favorite music on her iPod
  8. Having the woman’s car filled up with gas
  9. Sending romantic or sexy messages
  10. Letting the woman watch her favorite TV programs

It’s all about showing “charm, sensitivity, attentiveness, style and being well groomed”, the comment says – undying qualities that will always be expected from a man no matter how much their actual expressions will change with the course of time.

Source of the image: Photl.

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