Men Dressed in Red Are Regarded as More Attractive

Scientists found out that men can boost up their desirability by a simply device of choosing a red shirt or jacket.

Men in red

That was discovered as the result of a psychological experiment in which women were asked to rate the physical attractiveness if a number of men in terms of their willingness to embark on a love affair with them.

After the first bunch of responses were in, the color of the men’s shirts was changed digitally and the same questions were asked anew. The men sporting red color got a unanimous preference from the fair sex.

The heightened interest drawn to men in red was registered in women from all cultures, as undergraduates in the United States, European countries and China reacted very much in the same way.

That gave the team of psychologists from the University of Rochester led by Professor Andrew Elliot grounds for singling out red as the color associated with power and romance – wearing red makes a man look stronger, more self-assured, attractive and sexy, whereas it did nothing to enhance his likability, pleasantness or social qualities.

Professor Elliot comments that red may stimulate biologically ingrained and deep-embedded attraction of women to men who look well up the social ladder, enjoying a high social status and making more money.

He added that the sexual realm is dominated by animalistic behavioral patterns and “it looks like women may be acting like animals as well in the same sort of way.”

Red is now Elliot’s favorite color.

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