Men Cause Menopause in Women

Scientists from McMaster University accused men of causing menopause in women. How come?

Old Lady

Ram Singh, an evolutionary geneticist from McMaster University, says that men’s sexual preferences are a major factor of influence upon sexual selection in human evolution. If older women had no rivals among young girls, they could produce offsprings almost throughout their life.

In the course of the experiment, researchers conducted a computer simulation to create a mathematical model of genetic changes in adult couples’ organisms. It turned out that because adult men prefer young women as sexual partners, natural selection plays not in favor of older women.

Researchers believe that the onset of menopause in humans or animals is totally dependent on the life-span. Many mammals simply do not survive to the age when they can no longer give birth. The study opens up new opportunities. It becomes possible to delay the onset of menopause by hormonal drugs, but the researchers are exploring other ways to solve women issues.

In the modern world it is not uncommon for a couple to consist of a young man and a mature woman. Everyone has their own motivation: an experienced woman is a skillful lover, and a young man gives his partner a new sensation. Singh and his colleagues are planning to study the body of such ‘panthers’ to see if they will have the menopause later and what specific prerequisites will precede this.

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