Hair Split Ends Caused by Water

No healthy shin or elasticity, split ends – researchers claim to have found the cause of these problems. And it is in our water pipes.

Drops of Water

The root of the problem is in the water and the pipes through which it flows. It turns out that water pipes contain a lot of copper. The metal has the ability to accumulate in the hair and it cannot be washed away with regular shampoo. Hair absorbs copper like a sponge. And because of the copper hair looks dull, even good stylers cannot help.

Copper in the hair continues to destroy it. It accumulates free radicals and makes the hair vulnerable to sunlight. It does not let get good results from hair coloring either. Copper damages the cuticle – the outer shell of the hair, making the hair prone to damage.

Procter & Gamble cautions about all of this. The company’s specialists conducted a study and analyzed the hair of 450 women in different countries with different levels of copper in the water.

Scientists say there are ingredients that neutralize copper. These are chelants, chemical substances. However, today there are no shampoos containing chelants – these substances are now found in detergents.

All of this suggests that soon manufacturers will add chelants to their products (hair dyes and shampoos). We are waiting for the new products and hope this study is not just a marketing ploy to get us to buy new hair stylers.

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