Is 60 Too Old for a Strip Club Waitress?

No, and there is at least one woman who proved that to the amount of $60,000.

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ABC recounted the story of one Mary Bassi who became a butt-end of her manager’s jokes five years ago when she turned 56. She worked as a waitress in a strip-tease club Cover Girls. What started as making fun of her about menopause and suffering from Alzheimer’s evolved into taking away her shifts and giving them to newly-hired younger waitresses. Eventually Bassi was ousted.

The nettled waitress took Cover Girls’ management to court for age discrimination and won the case, receiving a $60,000 settlement. Bassi’s lawyer Connie Wilhite hailed it as a victory for all women employed in adult business – they got a proof that their advancing age doesn’t mean they are losing their value. “They can’t be run out of any industry as they get older,” affirmed Wilhite.

Now Bassie is happily installed at another business of the same nature, proving her point for the second time, while Cover Girls, in their turn, suffered from another misfortune, burned down and ended up getting closed.

While in this case justice prevailed, the issue still stands – adult industry does have age preferences (as can be seen from another case, where a fired Canadian stripper aged 44 sued her management accusing them of going for younger girls). Consequently there are some fine legal points re employment. Many visitors and managers associate youth with hotness, and in this industry hotness may well qualify as an occupational requirement of no small value. No wonder this consideration makes employers take what may be regarded as a biased point of view. Yet logically it shouldn’t relate to strip-club waitresses or bartenders (like in another court case when a bartender was demoted to a worse-paid position after having gotten pregnant).

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