Happiness Is When You Have More Sex Than Neighbors

It has long been known that happiness is not when you have something, but when you have more of it than others, and when you get it more often. A recent study reveals what these possessions should be.

Man and woman

American sociologists from the University of Colorado at Boulder, led by Professor Tim Wadsworth, found that the secret of happiness was directly dependent on how often a person had sex.

It is sufficient not even to stick to certain rules and frequency, but to be fully aware that your sex life is more active than that of others. The scientists have noticed an interesting pattern: when those who had sex once a month learned that others did it every week, they were 14% less happy.

According to Wordsworth, comparing yourself to others may often lower self-esteem. Judging by his research, people tend to learn about their sex life – less frequent and active than that of the neighbours – from foreign women’s magazines, which publish surveys, or even have the so-called “from friends” column. The sociologist concludes that, as a rule, looking at people, we do not feel better than them, and vice versa, we downgrade our dignity.

A similar experiment was conducted in the walls of his university, forcing the students to write three adjectives and compare them. However, as soon as he offered the students to imagine there are no people in the world except them, they recognized that the adjectives did not matter. The scientist adds that we can only be rich against the poor, we can understand that we are conducting an active sex life only against the background of those who do not have it.

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