Gossip Girl Loses Connor Paolo

Gossip Girl’s losses keep piling up, and the third person to drop out after Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen is going to be Connor Paolo, an original member who did four seasons as Blake Lively’s younger brother Eric Van der Woodsen.

Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl

The 21-year-old actor spilled the news during the Television Critics Association summer press tour, pointing out that what with his regular engagement in the ABC thriller Revenge he will be hard put to it to scurry between the two roles. According to Paolo, all is set for him to quit Gossip Girl, though he did add that “that’s a question for the creators of both shows.”

Make what you will of the last statement, the bare fact is that Eric was set to go to college at Sarah Lawrence, and Paolo says freely that his character won’t be feeling like coming home for Christmas.

Not the one to look back, when asked by Entertainment Weekly about his future career, Paolo said he was happy to have been a positive character among “a slew of double-talkers,” but is looking forward for fresh new roles.

Source of the image: Gossip-girl.maxupdates.

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