Kris and Bruce Jenner to Divorce?

Speculations about Kris and Bruce Jenner having fallen out of love and speeding towards a divorce have been circulating for some time already, and it seems they are more than true!

RadarOnline had it exclusively from an inside source that the marriage of the reality TV couple had dissolved a long time ago; they are sticking together only for business’ sake, whereas, when away from the cameras, they go apart to get on with their separate lives.

Romantic feelings are no longer there, the source insists. “Their relationship is now all about business,” what with running their enormous property and joint ventures, first of all the popular Keeping up with the Kardashians show.

During their 21 years together the Jenners “have become a brand,” and now they are afraid that their separation will put the lid on their popularity, so, according to the source, they are not going to risk that and try to put a good face on things.

The Star magazine already reported that Bruce is on the verge of moving out of the family seat in Calabasas, CA., with the couple’s youngest girls, 15-year-old Kylie and 17-year-old Kendall, in tow.

It is believed that the husband and wife were so concerned with their daughters gaining more and more popularity that it brought up to a big quarrel, Bruce insisting that Kris was stealing the girls’ childhood by trying to push their careers upward. It seems that the problem of priorities has been plaguing them for a while, as they are pondering what they will sacrifice – their own careers or private lives.

Kris Jenner sought to stifle the rumors again, stating recently that they are getting on fine, enjoying the bliss of the family life.

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