Eternal Love Does Exist


Couple in LoveMany people believe that when a wild romance ends up in a marriage, then the feelings eventually will burn out and the relationship will turn into habit. Moreover, there was a study which showed that love lasts at most for four years. However, is it always so? The Sunday Times newspaper reports that some scientists scanned the human brain and showed that eternal love can exist, thus rejecting the view that when a couple lives together for over fifteen months love, as a psychological and emotional feeling, starts to fade out.

Previously the scientists proved that when we communicate with someone we love, our body produces specific hormone – dopamine, which is responsible for “enjoyment of life”. However, according to a popular belief, as time passes the production of this hormone drops as we keep on communicating with our loved one and eventually, roughly in 10 years, the magic of love disappears.

However, this time the “no-eternal-love” belief was largely refuted! Scientists from the Stony Brook University, New York, scanned brains of married couples, who were happily married, and showed that the dopamine level in their brains was as high as that in people who just fell in love with each other.

So, don’t get fixed on the popular ideas about love and simply love each other for eternity!