Elfin Ears – The Latest Cosmetic Surgery Trend

The Tolkien-like beauty surgery trick has been around for a while, but now that it’s played up by the media and came up on Good Morning America recently it has all the pull it needs to become an up-trend. Pointed ears!

Plastic Surgery: Elf Ears

It is not so much fashion as getting an inner vision of oneself expressed for all to see, as proclaimed by three-dimensional artist Steve Haworth who takes it upon himself to create elves out of men by the simple expediency of splitting the tops of their ears. The fantasy face artist makes an incision through the cartilage and sews the edges at a sharp angle. You don’t get a beautifully long tapering, but there are people who definitely want their ears like this until death doth take them off.

Some of those were found on online message boards (courtesy of GMA) discussing how better to set about it and when – for the points stand a good chance of constantly chafing against a cap in winter. Still, one of people who had it done, Jordan Houtz, calls it “fascinating” and claims to be thoroughly pleased with the sci-fi effect that shows off his personality to advantage.

Those who are ready to rush in may as well be informed that Haworth takes care of both ears for $600 – but, not being a certified doctor, he is not allowed to use anesthetic, so you can hurt some on your way to leprechaun country. Besides, medicos hold that tampering with important parts of the body is likely to bring on other unexpected deformities, while if infection sets in, people can lose their ears completely in a matter of several days.

Source of the image: Greencelebrity.

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