British Women Too Ugly for Burger King Boss

Burger King, fast food chain tycoon, must have had a lousy time during his latest visit to the UK – and then he made no bones telling the world about it.

Bernardo Hees - Burger King Boss

Discussing his studies at the University of Warwick, King started off a vituperative onset by allegedly stating that the food overseas was “terrible”. This opinion was promptly seconded by his chief executive Bernardo Hees who also spoke disparagingly of the food in the UK in a conversation with students in Chicago.

Then the 40-year-old chain owner was heard to shrug off British women as “not very attractive” and claimed that the UK is not the best country to find a decent entertainment in after the work is done.

Having trodden the UK down in this fashion, King found himself gone overboard and had to offer an apology for his objectionable remarks. For while the Brits do not get on a high horse about their cuisine, there’s no accounting for tastes.

Source of the image: Buzzbox.

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