Blondes Are More Aggressive and Conflict-oriented

A University of California study reveals blondes are more aggressive and persistent at getting their own way compared to brunettes and red-haired. Researchers say blondes are more belligerent because they draw more attention than other women, tapping into it to reach their goals. This was called Princess effect.


Researchers point out that, perhaps, it is public stereotypes what matters, not the hair color itself. Fair-colored hair has been always seen as appealing so the blondes may feel more popular.

Researchers observed the behavior of 156 female students and found that blondes feel more entitled so they are more willing to conflict than young women with different hair color. To a certain extent, their expectations are validated by a poll of male students who typically reported they are more attracted to blondes.

What’s interesting is that non-blondes are taking on that belligerence fast by dying their hair blond.

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