Birth Control Injection for Men

We all expect wonders from science, and maybe the one concerning birth control took a fairly long time coming, but here it is at last: a scientist in India came up with an injection that is guaranteed to prevent undesirable conception – and keep on preventing it for the next 10 years! What about it as the wonder of the year?


Furthermore, the treatment is reported to be 100% efficacious and have no side effects at all. It is named RISUG that is short for “reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance.” Yes, the research showed that its effect can be completely reversed at any time.

A man can get RISUGged in 15 minutes rendering himself totally unable to impregnate a woman. It is not a very comfortable procedure, because it entails two injections into the scrotum, but compared to 10 safe years (maybe even longer) it can be a small price to pay. Thorough research showed that 100% result is guaranteed. Whenever the man wants his fatherhood back all he has to do is bear a couple of injections more. What can be simpler?

What actually happens down there is that the sperm, as it passes along a tube on the way from the testicles out, is being waylaid. The injection provides for the presence in the tube of a positively charged polymer. The sperm have a negative charge, and the charge differential the polymer creates destroys them all – none is left to refute the law of physics. The polymer is absolutely non-toxic and it doesn’t clog the tube.

The only reason why the new invention hasn’t swept the world so far is that the procedure is not very profitable. Injecting a comparatively cheap polymer which doesn’t need any renewal for 10 years is no way to carry on a business, while there is male hormonal birth control that is the result of many years’ research and requires additional medication every month. The way drug companies’ minds turn is pretty obvious, eh?

But there’s a private foundation in the US that took on a hefty task of getting RISUG officially approved. It’s an uphill work for Parsemus (as the company is called) but they are getting people interested – with the current result of receiving $100,000 from the Gates Foundation for the research of the effect of RISUG on women.

In India RISUG is already on the verge of approval – the trials for the final phase of study are underfoot, and chances are it will be available for anyone in a matter of a few years.

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