Reversible Jeans

It happens so often that we do not want to wash our favorite jeans once again, so that they would not be worn into holes. And we also wonder very often why the reverse of our jeans is hardly worn?

Reversible Denim

It is this idea that attracted the creators of the new Reversible Jeans. They offer a model that can be easily turned inside out to get rid of the faded and shabby jeans-legs.

The Bleulab production company offers a model Bleulab Reversible Denim which costs $163-207. The remarkable feature of the product is that the back side has pockets, a zipper, and everything that the normal jeans usually have.

By the way, if this model does not suit you, the most simple and effective piece of advice on how to extend the life of your favorite jeans is to wash them inside out in a special bag for fine linen. Hand washing mode at low temperature should be used. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid high-speed spinning.

Source of the image: Sodahead.

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