5 Tips on How to Look Good in a Photo

You think you are not photogenic and hate the objective lenses aimed in your direction? We will give you tips on how to look stunning in all photos.


How often do you get upset because of looking not too good in the most interesting photos? Because of such failures, girls often develop complexes and fear of cameras. But the point here is not your appearance. Knowing the secrets of successful photography, you’ll be able to enjoy every new picture.

1. Relax

Do not take an unnatural posture and pull up a smile. Stand comfortably, take a natural position and smile when the shutter clicks. If you keep a smile for too long, it will look forced and unnatural.

2. Choose the right angle for the picture

Each person has his or her best angle. Stand in front of the mirror and start to pose. Turn around: profile, full face, half-turn. Watch your face changing with the change of body position. Choose the angle at which you like yourself most, remember it, and pose so for the camera.

3. Hide your flaws

If you have a double chin, stretch your neck and tilt your head slightly to one side. You can also rest your chin upon your hand – so you will hide your flaw and make the image more romantic. If the problem is excess weight, do not wear clothes with horizontal stripes – they will make you look fat in the photo.

4. Choose the right color

The color of your clothes and make-up are very important for photos. A green blouse will give your face an unpleasant painful shade, and blue shadows will look like bruises or signs of fatigue.

5. Apply good makeup for the photo

Apply a more expressive makeup. In a photo, the face without makeup looks pale and expressionless. Apply a full makeup: foundation and powder, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick.

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