13 Duchess Catherine Facts

The whole world seems to be celebrating the birth of the Duchess of the Cambridge and Prince William’s son.

Kate and Prince William invited for royal celebration

While reporters are impatiently bustling under the windows of the London Hospital, and photographers are fighting for the best places to take pictures of the happy family, we suggest remembering interesting facts from the biography of the mother of the future heir to the British throne.

  1. As a little girl, Catherine Middleton played a major role in a play – a charming beauty who was courted by the blonde Prince William.
  2. Since childhood, Catherine has been fond of sports – tennis, netball, and hockey. In fact, the passion continued in adulthood – at college the future Duchess even became the captain of the women hockey team.
  3. In addition to sports, the Duchess’ hobbies include walking, painting and photography. Catherine even worked as a photographer for her parents, taking photos of the Party Pieces festive decorations for their site.
  4. Duchess Catherine has “mixed” origins: among the ancestors of her father are lawyers and local nobles, and on her mother’s side are butchers, plasterers, road workers and domestic servants.
  5. Once, Catherine worked as buyer for the London Jigsaw Junior brand and even considered to start her own line of children’s clothing. But she soon quit without finding a new job – then the future Duchess’ close friends started calling her Waity Katie.
  6. Though the Duchess did not start a design project, love of fashion still played a role in her life: it was at the university fashion show in 2002 when Catherine acted as a model and noticed Prince William.
  7. By the way, the transparent dress in which the future royal came to the catwalk, was sold for 78,000 pounds in 2011.
  8. Catherine decided to follow the well-known wedding tradition of wearing something blue for the wedding. Therefore, a blue ribbon was sewn into the hem of her luxurious snow-white dress by Alexander McQueen.
  9. Despite the fact that the status of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge requires a personal chef in their home, Catherine prefers to cook herself and even attends cooking classes. Besides, she also refused a full-time babysitter.
  10. Catherine has four private security guards from Scotland Yard at her disposal. Thus, even after marriage Duchess has not given up her habit of moving around London on a bike.
  11. Another fan of pedaling is London mayor Boris Johnson who even gave the young monarchs a tandem (a double bicycle) as a wedding gift.
  12. Catherine won the love of fashion critics and has firmly established herself in the lists of “the most stylish” after her trip to Canada and California in 2011: during the journey, the Duchess managed to change more than 25 different outfits.
  13. And last year’s tour, when she and William visited Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu helped Catherine secure the status of a fashion icon.
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