Helloween – Windmill

Yes, I wrote it correctly, because the band is named “Helloween”, not “Halloween“. And they chose this very name not because they are Germans and can’t speak English – they simply wanted the name to sound as sinister as possible. The song’s called “Windmill”, it was released in 1993. I remember listening to Helloween’s albums as a kid, I liked their “power metal” music, but now the only motive I remember well is “Wingmill”. And this is probably their best song. Helloween still exists, last year they released another album. But I don’t follow their creative work, I just sometimes enjoy the song “Windmill”.

Halloween – Windmill Lyrics

Time goes wherever you are
Time is your guiding star
That shines through all your life
Makes you feel and move

My dreams are out in the far
So are yours a part
Of secret fairy tales
Dripped on the wings of a mystery mill

Windmill, windmill, keep on turning
Show me the way, Take me today
Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning
Longing for love and a chance to be free

Don’t feel alone and depressed
Someone will come at last
To soothe your stumbling mind
To keep it away from the evil storm